Our beautiful Chocolate labrador, Mocha who is always helping us

Our beautiful Chocolate labrador, Mocha who is always helping us

Our ultimate dream at SOS Dogs is to have a world full of balanced happy social dogs. If that means helping 1 dog at a time... we're up for the challenge!

We believe dogs should be enriching the lives of families, along with families enriching and fulfilling the dogs life too. When this is achieved there is no deeper bond formed with your dog.

Whether it’s leaving your furry family member with us while you’re away on holidays, assisting with training to master some basic obedience or overcoming unwanted behaviours, SOS Dogs is the place for you.

If it’s the training, psychology and rehabilitation you need, we are trained in many methods to help dogs including the Cesar Millan methodologies for “rehabilitating dogs and training people”. These techniques have been proven to deliver outstanding results to achieve balance and harmony for you and your dog in a positive realistic way.

 Jo Brooks Profile

Jo is the 'Top Dog' here at SOS Dogs and couldn't be more passionate about the services we provide.

Jo was fortunate enough to grow up with animals and dogs all of her life. When she was younger living at home many of her skills were gained watching her Dad train dogs and work with the farm animals. After spending her childhood years surrounded by animals this formed the foundations of her knowledge in animal behaviour.

Although Jo loves all animals her true passion is dogs. "Nothing beats that unconditional love and true companionship you receive from your dog".

Over the years Jo has gained more than 17 years experience working with families and their dogs with huge success.

One of Jo's greatest personal achievements was traveling to Los Angeles in 2014 to train with the worlds best - The Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Milan. Jo traveled to the Cesar Milan Dog Psychology Center just north of LA. Here she successfully completed the 'Training Cesar's Way - Fundamentals of Dog Behaviour and Training'

To date this has been one of the highlights of Jo's life and she knew it wouldn't be the last time she would trained with Cesar. 

Jo continues with her training and knowledge every year when she travels to the USA to train and catch up with her fellow dog behaviourists. In 2015 Jo travelled to Utah to further her training with one of the worlds best dog socialisation experts "Heather Beck", who was sought out by Cesar Millan for her skills in working with aggressive and reactive dogs. Here at the K9 Lifeline Centre Jo's focus was on dealing with difficult dogs. Jo said - "Invaluable hands on experience which was truly a rewarding and an invaluable experience. To be working with some of the worlds best behaviourist and trainers was amazing".

In Sept 2016 she was excited to travel back to Santa Clarita and be the first Australian to complete  'Training Cesar's Way - Fundamentals 2 of Dog Behaviour and Training. Again, trained by the master himself Jo was able to work side by side and learn from Cesar Millan.

Jo will never stop learning and investing in her skills. Shes always said, "making the world a better place, even if its one dog at a time"