Give your dog a great day while your at work.

Doggy Social Days are one of the most popular services we offer and is so much more than a doggy day care, more like an exclusive social doggy club!

Your dog will spend an amazing day with a pack of great dogs making friends and socialising in a structured environment enjoying many activities. We offer one of the most unique services in Brisbane run by Jo and her husband Allan.

Your dog will enjoy an amazing day draining not just physical energy but mental energy too. Some of the unique activities include pack walks, pool time, play time, excursions, structured socialisation, as well as REST time. Yep…..all of our doggy guest learn how to relax around other dogs….just as nature intended. You will find it hard to source another day care offering these unique services run by expert behaviourists. Your dog will come home happy, tired and fulfilled from a great day of learning good social manners, not stressed from being amongst a huge amount of dogs or worse, being picked on as the play style isn’t appropriate.

Good social skills are something that needs to be practised and polished through a dogs life guided by experts in socialisation. This is done by Jo, Allan and her 2 beautiful Labradors Mocha and Jaffa. Only through experience and great social skills can a dog navigate life and truly enjoy every moment. A social dog is a very happy dog and only a social dog can be balanced.

We have a limited amounts of spots available at our doggy social days, If you feel your dog would fit in well….we’d love to hear from you.

Social days run every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (7am-630pm) and Friday (8am-5pm). Price: $50 per day

Please note: fist time visits cost $100. This is to asses your dog to make sure they are suitable to attend for any future social days.