Are you having trouble at home with training your puppy? or just thinking about purchasing a puppy? Let us help get you off on the right foot - and that's the one where the puppy hasn't chewed your shoe!

Here at SOS Dogs we also specialise in assisting people with their pre and/or post a puppy or dog purchase's.

Pre puppy purchase 

We will come to the comfort of your home and run through everything you will need to consider before buying a puppy. From reviewing your back yard, your house inside and out, to the best way to introduce your puppy to its new environment for the first time. We can also assist with the type of breed suitable for you and your family and answer any questions you may have.

A pre puppy purchase consultation typically goes for 1.5 hours and is $150

Puppy consultation

This would be one of the most important learning times in a dogs life and the greatest opportunity we have to make a huge impact. For the first 150 days a puppy is like a sponge absorbing everything around them. This is why we play such an important role in how our puppy will develop. Its up to us to take on that "pack leader" position from day 1 to make sure we end up with a well balanced, happy, social puppy that will look to us for direction and protection.

SOS Dogs will come to the comfort of your home and teach you all about being a good fur parent and how to strengthen the bond with your puppy. We will also show you how to address the following common problems with puppies.

- Separation anxiety, chewing, jumping, barking, potty training, recognise the first signs of aggression, meal time, getting used to the lead, socialization, and basic obedience.

This is a fun interactive session which lasts for around 2 hours and is $250

Puppy consultations are available for dogs up to 150 days old (5mths).

For either of the 2 sessions please fill in the below enquiry form