Did you know that we live in a world full of dogs with behavioural issues? The Merck Veterinary Manual in the USA has documented that aggression related problems alone account for 70% of their consultations on dogs with psychological issues. If your dog is contributing to those statistics, don't be concerned, help is only an enquiry away! No matter how young or old your dog is they can always be rehabilitated, it’s never too late.

Private Training Consultations at your home

Having problems with your dog? Why not have a private training consultation from SOS Dogs.  Jo will travel to the comfort of your home and spend up to 2 hours with you and your family to listen to your challenges. Jo consults for every dog behaviour problem, from walking on the leash, dog phobias, aggression problems or any concerns you have.

Your 2 hours will be a mix of discussion, learning about dog psychology, the reasons why your dog is doing what it does and hands on work with your dog. This is an extremely popular and informative session and one that Jo encourages the whole family to attend. 

Part of your consultation includes follow up notes and homework, plus 3 months worth of support.

A Private Training Consultation - Up to 2 hours $300

Additional follow up consultations - Up to 1 hour $150

(note: additional hourly consultations are offered after you have completed a 2 hour Private Training Consultation with Jo)

Please fill out the below form to enquire about a Private Training Consultation

Please note: Jo travels all over Australia to help people and their dogs. If you live interstate Jo will happily provide a quote to come and see you.

If you live outside of 20km of SOS Dogs Paddington, this may also attract an additional travelling fee.


Jo's time at Cesar Millan's DPC (Dog Psychology Centre) just north of LA

Jo's time at Cesar Millan's DPC (Dog Psychology Centre) just north of LA